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  • Adele reportedly rejects £40m in endorsement deals.
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  • Adele turns down £40million of sponsorship deals for her son in a year - Daily Star.
  • Adele turns down millions of pounds of endorsements because she doesn’t want fame.
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The idea that Adele would stop touring now, at the height of her fame with so much of her career ahead of her seems absolutely preposterous! Sure Adele has plenty of ways to make money — record sales, endorsement deals, licensing and publishing — but none of those pursuits will make her the same amount as playing concerts. Smart Stadium last night.

Singing in the rain sucks and having to spend 90 minutes performing in the middle of a downpour is enough to push anyone over the edge. Hello, it's Adele, the artist of our generation in a pink poncho in the rain pic.

Second, she just came off a month tour and is likely exhausted. Crime Pornhub's Bridget the Midget faces 15 years behind bars 'for stabbing boyfriend' "Bridget the Midget" - real name Cheryl Murphy - went into a furious rage when she caught her boyfriend in bed with another woman. News Bloke learns his gut naturally brews beer after he's stopped for drink driving The incredibly rare phenomenon is called 'auto-brewery syndrome'. Top Stories.

Adele's Surprising Confession

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Adele rejects £1M to perform in Middle East

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