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Live Chat Have a Question? Our staff have many, many years of experience! Chat Now. My high school was offering us the chance to go to a technical school for welding, automotive, criminal justice, child care, and nursing.

Of course being a average high school student I wanted to do something that would get me out of all the English and extra math classes, so welding came up and I figured I would give it a try! My teacher Mr. Miller, who also worked at SWIC, knew quite a few people. He soon introduced me to an instructor for Local Plumbers and Pipefitters for the Union. He told me they were going to be holding a welding school and if I passed all their tests I could be inducted into the hall.

So I went to the interview and got a call back a week before applying to college and got accepted to be in the class. After a while I took their tests and ended up passing and I also got a pipe certification. After working as an apprentice for 4 years out of local I got sent to work out of Montgomery AL for a year.


While going to school in Montgomery I earned four more certifications. Anyone try this? Also see second pic? Any comments about welding aluminum? Last edited: Nov 1, Boomstick , Nov 2, I called HF in Cali the whole country is out until they get another container off the boat!!!

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Hello Finally got the welder delivered to my door! I guess it was worth the wait to get that 3 Day Sale price back at the end of October! I just got it in a little less than a 3 month wait until the boat came in!

So I got a deal on that too! Last edited: Feb 1, Pallet Pete , bushpilot and Boomstick like this.

2" super coupon test, tig root/7018 fill/cap

Do you think it's a good deal? I think it's ok?!. I find nothing wrong with their carts or that cabinet. Using a larger bottle will save you money and be more convenient. If you upgrade bottles you can keep the small bottle for say "specialty" tri mix or something. I'm interested to see how the regulator lasts and works.

I also hate airgas, but usem when I have to. I 'm lucky enough to have good small local competitors. Boomstick , Feb 2, Very stable no power fluctuations at all and feeds smooth. Ive laid very nice welds with it. The ability to Tig, Mig and Arc all in one is a seller for me.