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What Moms Love has designed three different love coupon books for Christmas, Hanukkah, and birthdays. These love coupons are designed to be given to children and include coupons for movie theater tickets, extra screen time, staying up late, dessert after breakfast, and more.

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There's a printable cover for your coupons as well as decorative coupons where you write in the favor. These are some simple printable love coupons in a pretty pink color that come from PrintablePartyKits. Print as many of the love coupons as you want and fill in who gets the coupon and what it's for. Boutique by Design has created a whole page of colorful love coupons that are just for the kids. They come in pink, blue, green, and orange. There's also a printable cover to go along with them. There's a printable cover for the love book plus 14 free love coupons that can be redeemed for breakfast in bed, date night of your choice, theater movie of your choice, a massage, a morning to sleep in, and many more.

Make the presentation of these love coupons even more romantic by attaching a ribbon. These are some adorable printable love coupons that can be yours for free. Continue to 5 of 15 below. The love coupons can be printed with a white background or a shaded background. There's also a cute cover you can print for the front of your love coupon book.

Continue to 9 of 15 below. You'll need to sign up for the free newsletter to get a link to the coupon printable.

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Here are some vintage inspired printable love coupons that would be great for any loved one. The Frugal Girls have designed some printable love coupons perfect for the guy in your life. Print these love coupons out and use your imagination to make a cute little booklet.

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Continue to 13 of 15 below. Love Coupons for Kids by Boutique by Design. Read More. Everyone always has fun making these and the recipient loves to get them. It is so much fun to cash in your coupons during the year. A coupon book is truly the gift that keeps on giving all year long! Make a list of who you want to make coupon booklets for. Next, think of ideas that each person would love. I like to use card stock to print the coupons.

It holds up better and looks so nice for gift giving. Tie with pretty ribbon and it is so festive!

We have been doing these coupon booklets the last few years and they are warmly received. Everyone looks forward to getting their very own personal coupon booklet and seeing what is inside.

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A Free Printable Coupon Book for Kids That Makes the Best Gift

I love seeing the looks on their faces when they read each coupon. But it gets even better, because they get to join in the fun all year long.

Why use coupons as a gift?

It is like Christmas for 12 months instead of just one day. We always have a really hard time shopping for Grandparents because they seem to have it all and want nothing.

Valentine Coupons For Kids

They love these coupon books and we put all sorts of fun things on them for them to enjoy year round. Let us know how your coupon books turn out. We love making homemade gifts and everyone seems to love them. Not only is it practical and saves money but we know exactly what is going in these products. One idea I plan to do for several people on my list is make them a gift basket with various goodies and tuck a coupon booklet inside. The red and white scrub looks gorgeous and works so well to soften dry winter skin. I feel much better using these and giving them as gifts knowing what all was used.

It is perfect to use at home and also to hand out as gifts. Try making a few new things this year and you will be surprised just how easy it is. Plus, you will have new gift ideas too!